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Some Benefits of owning

The Hockey Hot Locker

Packing up is Quick & Easy.

All your gear will be in the

same place every time.

Perfect for any Home, 

Garage or Basement.


Will extend the life of your equipment which will Save

you Hundreds of Dollars.


Not having to smell or trip over

your gear in the house keeps

everyone happy, especially Mom!


Helps prevent harmful

Mold and Bacteria from

forming on your gear.

Keeps your equipment

Dry & Smelling Fresh.


A closer view of

The Hockey Hot Locker

Closed View
Left Handed Option
Open View
Right Handed Option
Locker Features
Our work

Our Story



              was born and raised in Northern Ontario, where winters are cold and hockey is a way of life.  For me hockey wasn't just a hobby or a sport, but it was something that I would eat, sleep, and breathe.  It felt as though I had it in my blood and it was being pumped through me 24/7.  I dedicated every possible minute that I could to hockey; to the point that I had no time for anything else.  Now after all these years, the amount of time I spend at the rinks has tripled.   When I relocated to Southern Ontario I met my wife. We decided to start a family and had three boys.

They all play hockey (except my wife, she's a figure skating coach) and the boys share the same passion for hockey as I do.  Can you imagine the tornado of madness that rips through our home when it's time for the boys to pack-up on any given night with multiple games?   One boy will be running throughout the house searching for his missing glove, the other boy forgot to air out & dry his gear from his last game and my third boy is fighting with his brother trying to claim a piece of equipment that actually doesn't belong to him.  My wife then decides to step in and smooth out the situation; that is until her last button is pushed.  WATCH OUT, now it's every man for

himself!   We all know exactly what I'm talking about – it happens to all of

us all the time.   It starts when she walks through her living room and

smells the stench of the equipment that’s being dried out on the floor.  

As soon as one of us spots her walking towards the room, we

look at each other and just hope she doesn't trip on anything.  If

she does, the end result is everyone picking up scattered

equipment off of the front lawn.  Those chaotic moments were the

inspiration for creating The Hockey Hot Locker.

             needed to find a way to keep my wife happy.  The design needed

to be able to tackle the smell and also dry the equipment while keeping

it out of the house.  I wanted it to help keep the boys organized, make

packing up fast & easy and most importantly, I wanted to eliminate the

stress!   The Hockey Hot Locker was designed to stay in the garage

but it can also be used indoor.  The boys simply go to the garage and

pack-up all their gear from their own Hockey Hot Locker; nothing is

missing, everything is dry, warm, and smelling fresh.   It takes

minutes to pack everything - by the time you turn the lights off

and lock up, everyone's ready to leave on time.  No hassle, no stress and no headaches.  

Everyone is calm, relaxed and ready to go.   Have an early morning practice?  Turn the locker timer on by the use of the handy wireless remote and pack-up warm, dry equipment for the rink.  





Thank-you for visiting our site.

We look forward to doing business with you.

KBR Sports Inc.

Milton, Ontario Canada


toll-free: 1-888-375-2588



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